Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets

Other Application of Tennâge®: Hakone Parquet Work

Tennâge® is used for Hakone Parquet Work Accessory

Hakone Parquet Work is a geometric mosaic pattern of wood pieces used for decorative effect, that is a traditional Japanese art and craft in Hakone, Japan. It is also called "HAKONE ZAIKU" or "YOSEGI ZAIKU" and has over 200 years of history.

By using our patented Tennâge® process, the delicate wood work like Hakone Parquet Work turns into a flexible and durable wood sheet to be used for insert molding and many accessory products.

Below products are examples of actual products made by Tennâge® processed Hakone parquet work.

NOKIA Smartphone Hakone Parquet Work Case

NOKIA smartphone case has various designed Tennâge® wood cases. Below samples are some of smartphone cases that use Hakone Parquet Work. It is very unique design mixed with beautiful real wood grain and Hakone Parquet Work.

iPhone 6 Case decorated by Hakone Parquet Work

iPhone 6/6S can also decorated by Hakone Parquet Work. At a glance, the real wood case may look hard, but it is flexible case using our Tennâge® process. It flexes like a photo below.

By processing a real wood flexible, Hakone Parquet Work can be curved into 3D formed design like this smartphone case.


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