Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets

TV Broadcasting

Here is the list of TV broadcasting program that our company and/or our products are covered on the program. We have been interviewed by many broadcasting companies such as NHK.

BS Fuji: Puzzle Rings JAPAN TV TOKYO: WBS(World Business Satellite) TV Osaka: News BIZ Kansai TV: Business Kansai NHK: Good Morning Japan

You can see the program by clicking "Program Title".
*NHK World is in English. Other programs are in Japanese.

DateNetwork NameProgram NameProgram Title
3/18/12NHK WORLD*Science ViewJ-Innovators: Natural-wood sheet
10/ 1/11Fuji TVMAZAMASHI DOYOUBI MEGANIPPON NANDER WONDER: Technology that enables to process wood veneer to sewable wood
6/12/11NHKSAKIDORISAKIDORI Inspector: Search a sewable wood!
11/30/10Kansai TVNews AnchorBoost economics in Osaka by collaboration
11/25/10YouTubePatent MarcheCreating business by utilizing intellectual property
8/18/10Asahi TVNews You PlusKansai Genki Jirushi: Handbags made by real wood sheet
10/12/09TV TOKYOWBS(World Business Satellite)Here is the technique! Power of MONOZUKURI Nippon
8/22/09Biwako TVShiga Economics NowReal wood sheet receives Monozukuri Japan, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry's Award
8/ 9/09Kansai TVBusiness KansaiNew Material from Kansai Area
3/19/08TV OsakaNews BIZ"KigyoGunzoIchiban" corner
2/25/07Asahi TVMARUGOTO OSAKA by Katsumi and SayuriOsaka Public Relation TV program
12/ 9/06BS FujiTIENOWA Nippon"Seas Flash" corner
12/10/05Biwako TVShiga Economics NowHandbags and accessories with real wood feel
1/20/05NHKGood Morning JapanMACHIKADO Information Room: New technology to revives wood
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