Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets

TV Broadcasting

Here is the list of TV broadcasting program that our company and/or our products are covered on the program. We have been interviewed by many broadcasting companies such as NHK.

BS Fuji: Puzzle Rings JAPAN TV TOKYO: WBS(World Business Satellite) TV Osaka: News BIZ Kansai TV: Business Kansai NHK: Good Morning Japan

You can see the program by clicking "Program Title".
*NHK World is in English. Other programs are in Japanese.

DateNetwork NameProgram NameProgram Title
Mar 18, 2012NHK WORLD*Science ViewJ-Innovators: Natural-wood sheet
Oct 01, 2011Fuji TVMAZAMASHI DOYOUBI MEGANIPPON NANDER WONDER: Technology that enables to process wood veneer to sewable wood
Jun 12, 2011NHKSAKIDORISAKIDORI Inspector: Search a sewable wood!
Nov 30, 2010Kansai TVNews AnchorBoost economics in Osaka by collaboration
Nov 25, 2010YouTubePatent MarcheCreating business by utilizing intellectual property
Aug 18, 2010Asahi TVNews You PlusKansai Genki Jirushi: Handbags made by real wood sheet
Oct 12, 2009TV TOKYOWBS(World Business Satellite)Here is the technique! Power of MONOZUKURI Nippon
Aug 22, 2009Biwako TVShiga Economics NowReal wood sheet receives Monozukuri Japan, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry's Award
Aug 09, 2009Kansai TVBusiness KansaiNew Material from Kansai Area
Mar 19, 2008TV OsakaNews BIZ"KigyoGunzoIchiban" corner
Feb 25, 2007Asahi TVMARUGOTO OSAKA by Katsumi and SayuriOsaka Public Relation TV program
Dec 09, 2006BS FujiTIENOWA Nippon"Seas Flash" corner
Dec 10, 2005Biwako TVShiga Economics NowHandbags and accessories with real wood feel
Jan 20, 2005NHKGood Morning JapanMACHIKADO Information Room: New technology to revives wood
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