Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets

Real Wood Kyo Textile (Ki-Ori Tennâge®)

Ki-Ori Tennâge® is the world first real wood textile weaving our real wood sheet into a textile with a high-speed rapier loom.

Ki-Ori Tennâge® is a collaborated technology of Tennâge® and Kyoto-Nishijin-Ori. Using a different woven style, or using different color, thickness or kind of thread material (silk, cotton, polymer, etc.) in horizontal thread, even the same wood species changes its appearance. The beauty of real wood and the art of textile create this exceptional real wood textile, Ki-Ori Tennâge®.

Technology and Advantage of Ki-Ori Tennâge®

We slit our Tennâge® real wood sheet into 2mm, and use it as a vertical thread. This way, we can weave it into wide textile quickly by an automated weaving machine. Therefore, we can manufacture and sell a large quantity with quick lead-time and stable price.

In the past, some Japanese craftsmen hand-wove a slit real wood in horizontal, using a Japanese traditional technology called "HIKUHAKU". However, this method had many limitations. First, real wood is not flexible enough for bending like our Tennâge® real wood sheet. Next, it has to be hand-woven since it is used as a horizontal thread, thus the textile had limitation in width and productivity.

Ki-Ori Tennâge® is a new textile that overcame all these problems. Since it is more flexible than Tennâge® wood sheet and has some elasticity, it can be used into some 3D part designs.

Brand Application of Ki-Ori Tennâge®

List of Brand Products Using Ki-Ori Tennâge®

"VEGATWOOD" is a fashion brand that expresses traditional Japanese culture and technology together with the beauty of real wood. Using , "Ki-Ori Tennâge®", it creates various fashion items.



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