Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets


CEO Profile

Shin'ichi Higuchi

SEO Shin'ichi Higuchi
Shin'ichi Higuchi
Chief Executive Officer

Born in Matsubara, Osaka. Graduated from Ikuno High school in Osaka.
Graduated from Wakayama University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
While working at O'Leary Corporation, handled sales of cosmetics, planning and marketing of esthetics department and new brand development such as kesalanpatharan.
Moved to Nakamura Bussan Corporation, and developed and launched cosmetic tools and accessory brand.
Independently started a business and produced cosmetic tools and accessories for major international brands such as Nina Ricci, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.
In 1998, established ZEROONE PRODUCTS, LLC.
In 1999, opened the research center at Ryukoku Extension Center (REC) to develop a new business of the flexible wood sheet and its products.
In 2000, upgraded its company status from limited liability to incorporation. Established the international sales branch, Onlyone Products, Inc. in U.S.A.
Since 2002, teaching at Osaka Management School, also teaching as a visiting professor at Osaka City University and Hannan University.

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