Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets



Our head office and business office are located below.

* Our office moved from Osaka City on July 1, 2023. When you visit us, please come to our business office instead of the head office.


3-2 Rinkai-cho, Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture 596-0013 JAPAN
TEL : +81-72-447-8818
FAX : +81-72-436-5401


10-10 Minami-machi, Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture 596-0067 JAPAN

The nearest train station is Takojizo Station on the Nankai Main Line of the Nankai Railway. You can visit us in about 5 minutes on foot.

Detailed map around our business office

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Detailed map around our head office

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Former location

Our company was located in Tanikyu Building, 9-2-27 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0012 until June 30, 2023.
We have moved to a new office as of July 1, 2023.