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List of Examples of Wood Species and Wood Grains

Our wood sheet is a flexible real wood sheet. We process real wood, therefore, there are no same wood grains. Each sheet is unique and truly one-of-a-kind. Here is the list of examples of wood species and wood grains of our Tennâge® wood sheet.

There are three different types of wood grains depending on the way to cut and slice the wood; flat grain(F), straight grain(S), and curly grain(C). Therefore, even within a same wood species, the grain types will vary depending on how it is cut and sliced. We stock about 80 different wood species, therefore, we can make about 150 different kind of wood sheet.* Since we are processing real wood, we can create many different kind of flexible wood sheet.

*Even thought the maximum wood grain types are three per wood species, some wood species doesn't have different wood grains. Therefore, it can't calculate simply 80 wood species x 3 wood grain types=240 different kind. (We have more different wood species and different wood grain types than the images above.)

List of Wood Species

Wood No. Wood Species Name Origin of Wood
1.  Damo / Japanese Ash Japan
2.  White Sycamore Europe
3.  Mahogany South America
4.  Zebrano Africa
5.  Makore Africa
7.  Rosewood South East Asia
8.  Teak South East Asia
9.  Padauk South East Asia
10.  Ebony South East Asia
11.  Birdseye Maple North America
12.  Anigre North America
13.  Silky Oak Australia
14.  White Oak North America
15.  Walnut Central/South America
16.  American Cherry North America
17.  Birch Japan
18.  White Ash North America
19.  Spruce North America
20.  Silverheart Australia
21.  Curly Maple North America
22.  Hard Maple North America
23.  Hinoki Japan
24.  Keaki / Zelkowa Japan
25.  Beech Japan
26.  Japanese Oak Japan
27.  Kiri Japan
28.  Oregon Pine Japan
29.  Bubinga Africa
30.  Kurumi Nut Japan
31.  Bamboo Japan
32.  Sakura / Cherry Japan
33.  Cedar Japan
41.  Shina (Bleached) Japan
50.  Yakushima Sugi Japan
61.  Ice Wood Italy

Sample Book

Sample Book of Tennâge® Wood Sheet
Sample Book of Tennâge® Wood Sheet

We sell a sample book of these wood sheet. If you want to touch and feel the quality of flexibility and durability of our Tennâge® wood sheet, please utilize this sample book.

All Tennâge® wood sheet is real wood sheet. If you purchase several sample books and compare, you will notice that the same wood species has different wood grain. Every sheet is unique and one-of-a-kind of wood grains.


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