Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets

Product Application for Tennâge®

Since wood sheet is flexible and durable enough to many processing, it is used for many products by many manufacturers. Products application expands to electronics such as laptop computers, cell phones, and lightings.

■World famous designer, JFRey using our Tennâge® in his eyeglasses design

World famous designer, JFRey used our Tennâge® in his eyeglasses design. He designed with many wood species such as Rosewood, Zebra, Walnut, Japanese Keaki wood and much more. Light weight, fashionable and truly "Only-one-of–a kind" eyeglasses! Why don't own one for yourself? » More Details

■NOKIA utilizing our Tennâge® for its smartphone cover

Our Tennâge® is used for NOKIA's smartphone cover. To wrap around a smart phone, curved design with real wood was accomplished by "Insert Molding". » More Details

■Tennâge® applied to the Logitec LDR-PME8U2LW Portable DVD Drive

Our Tennâge® is applied to the portable DVD drive by Logitec, model "LDR-PME8U2LW". It was a limited model of the premium series of "RIN", and sold for online only from March 2013 on the Logitec website. Classy wood grains of ebony and walnut give a luxury interior feel to the practical portable drive. » More Details

■Tennâge® applied to the EPSON Notebook, Endeavor NJ5200Pro

Our Tennâge® is applied to the Notebook by EPSON, model "Endeavor NJ5200Pro". It was the 15th anniversary limited edition model called "Real Yakusugi Wood Limited Edition Endeavor NJ5200Pro". It was sold at Epson Direct SHOP from November 5, 2008. It was a special laptop computer decorated with beautiful Yakusugi wood grain. Since Tennâge® is real wood sheet, each piece has different wood grains. You can truly enjoy the one-of-a-kind wood grains. » More Details

■Tennâge® applied to the cellphone, SoftBank, 823SH

Our Tennâge® is applied to the cellphone by SHARP, model "THE PREMIUM TEXTURE SoftBank 823SH". You can enjoy the beautiful color and grains of ebony from this cellphone. It was sold at SoftBank Shop from March 8, 2008. » More Details

■Tennâge® is used for the lighting from Panasonic

Our Tennâge® is used for the lighting from Panasonic. You can enjoy the natural warmth from the light trough the translucent real wood. The combination of its simple, yet modern design and real wood gives a perfect balance to this lighting. » More Details

Other Application for Tennâge®

Our wood sheet is used not only for the products, but also for the interior of the buildings and many other applications as a decorative wood applications.

■Tennâge® is used for Hakone Parquet Work Accessory

Hakone parquet work is a geometric mosaic pattern of wood pieces used for decorative effect, that is a traditional Japanese art and craft in Hakone, Japan. By using our flexible Tennâge® wood sheet, it can be used for many accessory products.

■Kimono made by real wood textile

Using "Tennâge®- flexible real wood sheet" as a horizontal thread, we weave real wood into wood textile. KIMONO made by wood textile was exhibited at the State Guest House at Ministry of Foreign Affaires of France, which is in La-Celle-Saint-Cloud Castle, on the outskirts of Paris. The beauty of real wood grain can be worn. It is truly the "Wearable Wood".

■Lighting at New Building at the University of Tokyo

A lighting made by Tennâge® is placed in a meeting room of new building at the University of Tokyo. Since Tennâge® is translucent real wood, it is perfect as a lighting material.

■Lighting at suite of Hyatt, Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

A Hyatt hotel, Andaz Tokyo Trannomon Hills, placed a special lighting made by Tennâge® at their suite. Its unique shaped design was accomplished by our flexible wood sheet.

■Interior at Osaka Imperial Hotel

Tennâge® is used for the interior at Osaka Imperial Hotel.


Please contact us if you are interested in using our wood sheet for your products or other applications. » Contact