Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets

Real Wood Kyo Textile (Ki-Ori Tennâge®)

Brand Application of Ki-Ori Tennâge®

The real wood fashion brand, "VEGAWOOD" was born utilizing the property of "Ki-Ori Tennâge®", which is a real wood textile made by real wood sheet and Kyoto woven method. Many products are sold at various trade shows and event at department stores. Please see the list of Trade shows and Event.


"VEGATWOOD" is a fashion brand that expresses traditional Japanese culture and technology together with the beauty of real wood. There are variety of handbags and accessories, and each item is enhanced with the beauty of a real wood. Every item of "VEGATWOOD" is using "Ki-Ori Tennâge®" as a part of material.


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