Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets

Our Unique Technology of Insert Molding :

About Wood Veneer

The benefits of using real wood veneer:

Property of real wood:
The real wood veneer means that each veneers has one-of-a-kind wood grains and color. The variations and special designs of real wood veneers can never be achieved by man-made alternatives.
All the warmth and depth of genuine wood:
Real and natural wood finishes add natural warmth and ambience to our technology saturated lives.
Rich and Elegant Look:
Wood is a premium decorative finish that adds a rich and elegant look over plastic products. With Our IMW method, wood veneer can be molded to fit most shapes.
Maximizes nature's resources
Each meter of lumber can typically provide 1,000 slices veneers. Veneer is a highly efficient use of lumber. The industry is committed to sustainable forest resources.

Wood veneer --- Our oldest, yet most modern material.

Cutting method for timber to veneer

Most decorative veneers selected by ZEROONE-IMW are crown cut (flat sliced) or quarter cut (straight sliced) by slicing in either a vertical or horizontal slicer, or in a stay log (semi-rotary) veneer lathe. Some decorative veneers are rotary peeled, resulting in veneer grain patterns that are variegated. Manufacturing of decorative wood veneers is a costly and time consuming process, only the highest quality logs with minimal internal defects are selected.

▼Crown cutting (Flat sliced):

Crown cutting (Flat sliced)
Crown cutting (Flat sliced) / Flat sliced Walnut veneer

▼Quarter cutting (Straight sliced):

Quarter cutting (Straight sliced)
Quarter cutting (Straight sliced) / Straight sliced Walnut veneer

Over 80 different types

Currently, over 80 different types of wood species are available for IMW with thickness from 200um to 500um upon request.

Over 80 different types of wood species

▼Unique, classic, and elegant IMW designs:

Unique, classic, and elegant IMW designs

▼Over 80 different kinds of wood species and designs are available to choose from.

Over 80 different kinds of wood species and designs are available to choose from.