Tennâge: Thinnest, Most Flexible, and Sewable Wood Veneer Sheets

Product Application of Tennâge®: Notebook

March 2010

Tennâge® applied to the EPSON Notebook, Endeavor NJ5200Pro

Our is applied to the Notebook by EPSON, model "Endeavor NJ5200Pro". It was the 15th anniversary limited edition model called "Real Yakusugi Wood Limited Edition Endeavor NJ5200Pro". It was sold at Epson Direct SHOP from November 5, 2008 and sold out.

テナージュ(屋久杉)を天板に採用したノートPC「EPSON Endeavor NJ5200Pro」
▲Tennâge® EPSON Notebook, Endeavor NJ5200Pro

▲Tennâge® (Yakusugi) Mouse Pad